DRV2605YZFR has multiple meanings. If you think about it from the perspective of electrical products, it may be a semiconductor PMIC power management chip produced by Texas Instruments (TI).

DRV2605YZFR YouTube video explanation

DRV2605 ERM/LRA Haptics Driver Overview – Mark demonstrates the DRV2605 ERM/LRA haptics driver – TI’s new, one-of-a-kind solution that simplifies system design in the fast-growing area of haptics user interface.

It has the functions of a voltage regulator and a voltage controller and can be used for battery management.

On the other hand, coming from the engineering world, it is an ERM/LRA haptic driver with waveform libraries and automatic resonance tracking.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of DRV2605YZFR?

HAPTIC – Example

The DRV2605YZFR is a low-voltage haptic driver that includes a library of haptic effects and provides a high-quality closed-loop actuator control system.

This architecture helps improve actuator performance, speeding up coherence, start-up and braking times, and can provide input signals via a shared I2C-compatible bus or PWM.

The DRV2605YZFR’s smart loop architecture device allows simple automatic resonant driving of the LRA as well as feedback-optimized ERM driving, allowing automatic overspeeding and braking.

In addition, it has a functional system that automatically transitions to open loop if the LRA actuator does not generate a valid back-EMF voltage.

When valid back EMF voltage is detected, the DRV2605YZFR device automatically synchronizes with the LRA.
As for its specific advantages and disadvantages, it needs to be evaluated based on specific application scenarios and needs.

What does DRV2605YZFR mean?

DRV2605YZFR tactile driver price

What is the price of DRV2605YZFR tactile driver in China? What is the price of DRV2605YZFR?

Specific prices for DRV2605YZFR vary by supplier and stock type.

According to the price information provided by a merchant, the price of DRV2605YZFR is 6.9156 yuan including tax for 1 piece, and 5.4782 yuan for 30 pieces. These prices are for reference only.

How much does the DRV2605YZFR haptic driver cost in the US?

The price of the DRV2605YZFR haptic driver varies depending on market supply and demand and various sales channels. Here are some possible reference price ranges:

The price of the DRV2605YZFR is around $10 to $15 on some online electronic parts distributor websites.
Some professional electronic parts suppliers and distributors may sell this product at wholesale prices, which may be in the lower range, such as around $8 to $12.

What is the price of DRV2605YZFR haptic driver in India?

The price of the DRV2605YZFR haptic driver in India will also vary depending on market supply and demand and various sales channels. Here are some possible reference price ranges:

The price of DRV2605YZFR is around Rs 500 to Rs 800 on some online electronic parts distributor websites.
Some professional electronic parts suppliers and distributors may sell the product at wholesale price, which may be in a lower range, say around Rs 400 to Rs 600.

Note that when purchasing electronic components, if you purchase large quantities and establish long-term cooperative relationships with suppliers, you may get more competitive prices.

It should be noted that these prices are for reference only and actual prices may vary depending on suppliers, purchase quantities, currency exchange rates and other factors.

It is recommended to contact the relevant supplier before purchasing to obtain the most accurate price information.

What are the application scenarios of DRV2605YZFR?

The application scenarios of DRV2605YZFR may include but are not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Tactile feedback: DRV2605YZFR, as a tactile driver, can be used to produce tactile feedback effects. In the fields of virtual reality, games, robots, etc., the DRV2605YZFR drives the actuator to generate vibration or touch, providing users with tactile feedback and enhancing immersion and interactive experience.
  2. Motion control: DRV2605YZFR can be used to control the movement of electric actuators, such as motors, servo systems, etc. Through the drive and control functions of DRV2605YZFR, precise motion control can be achieved, such as position, speed and acceleration adjustment, which is widely used in robots, automation equipment and other fields.
  3. Vibration suppression: DRV2605YZFR can be used to suppress vibration of equipment. By adjusting the driving parameters of DRV2605YZFR, the vibration frequency and amplitude of the actuator can be effectively controlled, reducing the vibration and noise generated by the equipment during operation.
  4. Energy harvesting: DRV2605YZFR can be used in the field of energy harvesting to provide energy supply for equipment by collecting vibration energy in the environment and converting it into electrical energy. This application method helps realize self-powered equipment and systems and reduces dependence on traditional energy sources.

It should be noted that the above application scenarios are only possible examples, and specific applications depend on actual needs and scenarios.

Summary about DRV2605YZFR

The DRV2605YZFR is a haptic driver with waveform library and automatic resonance tracking designed for ERM (eccentric rotating mass) and LRA (linear resonance actuator). It features an advanced smart loop architecture that helps improve actuator performance, including acceleration consistency, start-up time and braking time. At the same time, it provides a shared I2C compatible bus or PWM input signal interface to facilitate integration with other systems.

In addition, DRV2605YZFR also has automatic resonance driving and feedback optimization functions, which can realize simple driving of LRA actuators and optimized control of ERM actuators. It also supports automatic overspeed and braking functions to ensure system stability and safety.

In terms of software, DRV2605YZFR is compatible with Immersion’s TouchSense software library, which contains a wealth of predefined waveforms and effects, making it easy to implement various tactile feedback effects. At the same time, it also supports real-time playback mode, allowing the host processor to play custom waveforms directly.

Overall, the DRV2605YZFR is a powerful, easy-to-integrate tactile driver suitable for various application scenarios that require tactile feedback. Its intelligent loop architecture and optimized control algorithm ensure the high performance and consistency of the actuator, providing users with an excellent tactile experience.

What systems does DRV2605YZFR support?

DRV2605YZFR is a tactile driver whose core function is to generate tactile feedback effects. It can be integrated with a variety of systems to implement tactile feedback functionality. For example, it can be integrated with mobile devices such as game controllers or mobile phones to provide immersive tactile feedback effects and enhance the user’s interactive experience. In addition, DRV2605YZFR can also be integrated with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) systems to provide users with a more realistic virtual environment interactive experience.
It should be noted that which systems are specifically supported need to be evaluated based on actual application scenarios and needs.