The SOT346T package is a large surface mount package mainly used for high power and high current applications.

This package has a larger volume and pin count, which provides better thermal and electrical performance.

SOT346T packages are used in many fields, such as power supplies, motor drivers, LED lighting and high-power audio equipment.


The SOT346 package is a large surface mount package with common dimensions of 17.32mm long, 9.5mm wide and 4.75mm high. Its pin count is usually 8 or 12 and is suitable for high power and high current applications.

The specific dimensions of the SOT346 package may vary between different manufacturers and products. Generally speaking, the SOT346 package is a large surface mount package with usually larger length, width and height dimensions to accommodate high power and high current applications.

For specific dimensions, please refer to the product specifications or data sheets provided by the manufacturer to obtain accurate dimensional information. In addition, you can also consult relevant electronic engineering manuals or materials to obtain more information about the SOT346 package size.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SOT346T package?

As a large surface mount package, the SOT346T package has some obvious advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Good heat dissipation performance: Because the SOT346T package is larger, it can provide more heat dissipation area, thereby better dissipating the heat generated internally and reducing the operating temperature of the device.
  2. Higher current capacity: The SOT346T package can withstand larger currents, so it is suitable for high-current applications, such as motor drivers, high-power lighting, etc.
  3. Better electrical performance: Due to the larger pin spacing of the SOT346T package, it can provide better electrical performance and stability and reduce signal interference and noise.
  4. Suitable for large components: SOT346T package is suitable for packaging of large components and can meet the needs of high power and high current applications.
  5. Easy to weld and assemble: The SOT346T package adopts surface mount technology, which can facilitate automated welding and assembly, improving production efficiency and reliability.


  1. Larger size: Compared with small packages such as SOT23, the SOT346T package is larger and takes up more PCB board space, which is not conducive to compact circuit design.
  2. Higher manufacturing costs: Since the SOT346T package requires the use of more materials and processes, the manufacturing costs are relatively high.
  3. Not suitable for miniaturization applications: Due to the large package of SOT346T, it is not suitable for use in electronic products that require high integration and miniaturization.

To sum up, the SOT346T package has advantages in heat dissipation performance, current capacity and electrical performance, but it also has disadvantages such as larger size, higher manufacturing cost and unsuitability for miniaturization applications.

When choosing whether to use the SOT346T package, you need to weigh it based on the specific application scenarios and design requirements.

Sot346 Vs Sot-23

SOT23 and SOT346T are two different package types. Their main differences are the number of pins and external dimensions.

The SOT23 is a small surface mount package, typically with three pins, suitable for applications requiring compact space and lower power consumption. Its small size makes it particularly suitable for portable devices and miniature electronics such as smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth devices, etc.

While SOT346T is a larger package type, usually with a higher pin count. Compared with SOT23, SOT346T can provide greater connection capabilities and more functions, and is suitable for complex circuit designs that require more pin connections.

In general, the main difference between SOT23 and SOT346T is the overall size and pin count. The specific package type chosen depends on the design requirements and circuit complexity.

Application areas

SOT346T package is suitable for high power and high current applications. Its application areas include but are not limited to:

  1. Power supply: used to package high-power power chips to provide reliable power solutions.
  2. Motor driver: used to drive high-current motors to achieve efficient motor control.
  3. LED lighting: used to encapsulate high-power LED board beads to provide efficient and long-life lighting solutions.
  4. High-power audio equipment: used to package high-power audio amplifiers to provide high-quality audio output.
  5. Other high-power electronic equipment: such as high-power converters, high-current drivers, etc.

It should be noted that specific application fields also need to be selected and evaluated based on the specific parameters and performance of the SOT346T package to ensure that it is suitable for the required power, current, temperature and other conditions.

What applications is SOT346T suitable for?

The SOT346T package is a large surface mount package commonly used in high power and high current applications. Due to its larger size and pin count, the SOT346T package can provide better heat dissipation performance and more stable electrical performance, and is suitable for circuit designs that require high power and high current drive.

Some common application areas include power supplies, motor drivers, LED lighting, high-power audio equipment, etc.

Since SOT346T can withstand higher operating temperatures and larger currents, it is particularly suitable for applications that require long-term stable operation and high reliability.

It should be noted that for specific application scenarios, other factors need to be considered, such as circuit design, component performance parameters, etc., to determine whether the SOT346T package is suitable.


What are the dimensions of the SOT-346T?

The dimensions of the SOT-346T vary between manufacturers, but typically it is 1.1mm in height, 2.9mm in length, and 1.6mm in width.

What is the pinout of SOT-346T?

The pinout of the SOT-346T varies by manufacturer and device type, but typically the pinout is: Collector, Base, Emitter (C-B-E).

What types of electronic devices can SOT-346T be used on?

SOT-346T is commonly used to package small electronic devices such as transistors and diodes.

What is the operating voltage and current range of the SOT-346T?

The operating voltage and current range of the SOT-346T varies by manufacturer and device type. When selecting a device packaged in SOT-346T, you need to consult the relevant technical documentation and data sheets to ensure that it operates properly within the operating voltage and current range.

How to choose suitable electronic components for SOT-346T?

There are many factors to consider when selecting electronic devices suitable for SOT-346T, including operating voltage, operating current, packaging form, pinout, etc. When selecting, you need to select electronic devices that meet the requirements based on specific circuit design and application requirements, and consult relevant technical documents and data manuals to ensure their normal operation.

What is the difference in dimensions between SOT-346 and SOT-23?

SOT-346 is generally slightly larger in size than SOT-23. Specific dimensions vary by manufacturer and device type, but generally speaking, an SOT-346 will be larger in height, length, and width than an SOT-23.

What is the difference in pinout between SOT-346 and SOT-23?

There may also be differences in the pinout of the SOT-346 and SOT-23. SOT-23 is usually a small-profile SMD package with a small number of pins. The common pin arrangement has 3 pins (such as triodes) or 4 pins (such as some integrated circuits). The pinout of the SOT-346 may vary depending on the device type and may have more pins.

What is the difference between the uses of SOT-346 and SOT-23?

SOT-23 is usually used to package small electronic devices, such as transistors, certain integrated circuits, etc. Due to its small size, it is suitable for circuit boards with limited space. SOT-346 may be used to package different types of electronic devices, depending on the type of device and circuit design requirements.

How to choose the packaging form between SOT-346 and SOT-23?

When choosing a package format between SOT-346 and SOT-23, consider the size of the board, space constraints, number of pins, and the type of electronics required to be packaged.
If board space is limited and small electronics need to be packaged, SOT-23 may be a better choice. If you need to package electronic devices with more pins or specific types, SOT-346 may be more suitable.