Among the top 10 brands producing power modules in China, outstanding brands include Huawei,, BYD, SUNGROW, CATL, Pinshen Power Technology, Huntkey, Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd., Liwei Chuangzhan and Delta Electronics.

Top 10 companies producing power modules in China

Top 10 companies producing power modules in China

RankingCompanylocationOfficial website
6Pinshen Power
8Emerson Network Power Co.,
10Delta Electronics Industrial Co.,

In China, there are many companies producing power modules, and the ranking of companies in this industry will change with changes in technical level, market share, product quality and other factors.

The top ten authoritative ranking companies of power modules will change, but some well-known companies in the field of power modules can be provided for reference:

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.’s power modules are an important part of its energy solutions, covering general power modules, communication/server/rail transit power modules, site power supplies, UPS and charging infrastructure.
Huawei’s modular power supply products are evolving with the goals of high density, efficiency, intelligence, and reliability. They adopt modular design, on-demand deployment, elastic capacity expansion and other flexible power distribution to support the upgrade and evolution of communication networks.

The specific features and advantages of Huawei power modules include:

  1. High efficiency and energy saving: Huawei power modules use advanced topology and intelligent algorithms to achieve high-efficiency energy conversion and reduce energy waste.
  2. High reliability: The power module has undergone strict quality control and durability testing to ensure stable operation in various environments and provide continuous power support for the equipment.
  3. Intelligent management: Huawei power modules are equipped with an intelligent management system that can monitor power status, fault warning, remote control, etc. in real time, making it convenient for users to manage and maintain power.
  4. Flexible configuration: The power module supports on-demand deployment and elastic expansion, and can be flexibly configured according to actual needs to meet power needs in different scenarios.

The power module of Globalbestshopping electronic component manufacturer is a power supply that can be directly mounted on the printed circuit board.

Its main function and feature is to provide power for application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), digital signal processors (DSPs), microprocessors, memories, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and other digital or analog loads.

Because this module can directly provide the required power to the load, it is also often called a point-of-load (POL) power supply system or a point-of-use power supply system (PUPS).

Power module manufacturers in China

The advantage of the power module lies in its modular design, which brings many advantages, such as convenient use and maintenance. Therefore, module power supplies have been widely used in various fields, especially in communication fields such as switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications, optical transmission, routers, automotive electronics, aerospace and other fields.

In addition, with the development of switching power supply technology, switching power supply modules have become the mainstream of modern communication power supply systems. The switching power supply module achieves high efficiency and miniaturization through high-frequency operation of MOSFET or IGBT.

BYD Company Limited

Byd power module manufacturer usa

BYD Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise involved in many fields such as batteries, automobiles, and new energy. In terms of power modules, BYD has various types of products, including lithium-ion battery modules, nickel-cadmium battery modules, lead-acid battery modules, etc. These modules have the characteristics of high energy density, long life, and environmental protection, and are widely used in automobiles, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and other fields.

BYD’s power modules adopt advanced production processes and technologies to ensure product reliability and stability. At the same time, BYD also has a complete after-sales service system to provide customers with timely technical support and maintenance services.

Power bank module, Tp4056, 3s BMS, buster using experience


SUNGROW is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of new energy power equipment such as solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, and electric vehicles. Its core product, photovoltaic inverters, has passed certification and testing by many international authoritative certification agencies such as TÜV, CSA, and SGS, and has been sold in batches to more than 150 countries and regions around the world.


CATL New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL) is a company focused on the research, development, production and sales of power batteries.

In terms of power modules, CATL mainly provides lithium-ion battery modules, which have the characteristics of high energy density, long life, and fast charging.
CATL’s power modules use advanced materials and processes to meet the energy needs of different models and equipment, while also ensuring the safety and reliability of the battery. In addition, CATL also provides customized power module solutions, personalized design and production according to customer needs.

Hangzhou Pinshen Power Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Pinshen Power Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is an industrial power supply and military power supply manufacturer focusing on R&D, production, sales and technical services.

CA-888 power module -sinhala

The company’s products mainly include: AC/DC module power supply, DC/DC module power supply, DC/AC inverter power supply, constant current and constant voltage charging power supply, extremely low ripple power supply, etc. Among them, the power range of module power supply using natural cooling method covers 3-3000W, and the power range of switching power supply using air-cooling series covers 5-10KW. Both have standard and mature products with thousands of product specifications. It has been widely used in communications, medical, electric power, instrumentation, vehicle and shipboard, railway transportation, industrial automation and other fields. The product is small in size, light in weight, low in ripple, good in earthquake resistance, and has strong electromagnetic compatibility. Some products are included in the preferred catalog of suppliers for aerospace and other military industry units. In addition, the company also customizes power supplies with various special requirements for customers.
The company has a technologically advanced R&D team, hired a group of experienced electronic engineers from China Aerospace Corporation and Zhejiang universities, and cooperates closely with universities and enterprises across the country. It has modern production and testing equipment, such as: SMT machines, wave soldering, reflow soldering, environmental testing equipment, intelligent aging equipment, etc.


Huntkey Enterprise (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on power supplies and power management solutions.

In terms of power modules, Huntkey provides power modules of various specifications and types, including AC-DC, DC-DC, etc. These power modules have the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, and high reliability, and are widely used in communications, networks, industrial control, medical equipment and other fields. Huntkey’s power module also has multiple protection functions such as over-current protection, over-voltage protection, and under-voltage protection, which can ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. In addition, Huntkey also provides customized power module solutions, carrying out personalized design and production according to customer needs.

Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd.

Emerson Network Power Co., Ltd.’s power module is an important part of its communication power system. These power modules use advanced digital technology and have the characteristics of high reliability, high power density, and high performance, and can meet the diverse needs of core network power supply. At the same time, Emerson Network Power’s power modules also have intelligent monitoring and protection functions, which can achieve remote management and control and improve operational efficiency. In addition, Emerson Network Power also provides customized power module solutions, carrying out personalized design and production according to customer needs.

Shenzhen Liwei Chuangzhan Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Liwei Chuangzhan Technology Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 2004, with business offices located in North America and mainland China. After 19 years of development, we serve markets such as communications, new energy, and industrial control, and have formed close cooperation with front-end customers in the industry.

Our main products cover: RF and microwave components, power modules and chips, ultra-high-speed DAC chips, MCU and DSP main control chips, MOS, IGBT, etc.
Authorized agent product line:
Mainly serving the communications market
Delta-Cyntec chip-type POL power module, domestic brands Zhongke Haoxin, Yatli MCU, Xianji MCU, Wei’an MOS, Yaoxin Micro MOS mainly serve the new energy, industrial control, power supply and other markets
At the same time, we take advantage of the geographical advantages of North America to provide Chinese customers with American original factory ordering channels, with advantageous brands such as: QORVO (TriQuint), ADI (Hittite), M/A-COM, Aeroflex, SAGE, RADITEK, WENTEQ, NOVA, MITEQ , API Tech, UMS, etc.

Delta Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.

Delta Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company with global influence in power management and thermal management solutions.

Delta Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.

Delta’s power module is a high-quality power supply specially designed for electrical equipment, using advanced technology and reliable electronic components. These modules can stably output power and provide reliable power support for various devices.

Delta power modules have a variety of protection functions, such as overload protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, etc., which can effectively protect equipment from power fluctuations.

Delta has many non-isolated power modules, which are divided into DOSA series, integrated module series, power module series, data network series, and non-isolated brick modules according to different functional categories. These modules not only have good electrical performance, but also have output currents ranging from 0.5 amps to 80 amps, which can meet a wide range of application needs in the industrial field.

In addition, Delta’s power modules also feature high efficiency and low energy consumption, which can save energy and reduce usage costs. Moreover, they have flexible installation methods and convenient maintenance methods, and can be used with different types of equipment to adapt to various complex working environments. Delta also provides comprehensive after-sales services to solve various usage problems.

The above companies all have a certain degree of popularity and market share in the field of power modules, but which company is the top ten will be controversial. It is recommended to consult industry reports to obtain more comprehensive information.


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