The voltage regulator module is an indispensable component in the on-board computer. Its main function is to stabilize the power supply voltage and ensure that the on-board computer can work normally in various environments.

Industrial grade DC step-down module 5V/12V/24V/6A 8A voltage regulator module design circuit diagram

In vehicle-mounted computers, fluctuations and instability in the power supply voltage may affect the operation of the computer or even cause the computer to malfunction.

Therefore, the role of the voltage regulator module is crucial. It can stabilize the power supply voltage within a certain range, ensure the normal operation of the on-board computer, and improve its stability and reliability.

Industrial grade DC step-down module 5V/12V/24V/6A 8A

At the same time, the voltage regulator module also has functions such as over-current protection and over-voltage protection, which can cut off the power supply in time when the power supply is abnormal and protect the on-board computer from damage. Therefore, the voltage regulator module is an indispensable and important component in the on-board computer.

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Which voltage regulator module packaging method is more suitable for vehicle-mounted computers?

In on-board computers, surface mount package (SMT) voltage regulator modules are more suitable. The following is a detailed analysis and explanation:

Environmental requirements for on-board computers

Vehicle-mounted computers usually need to work in harsh environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, vibration, etc. Therefore, there are high requirements for the packaging method of electronic components.

Comparison of through-hole and surface mount packages

Direct plug-in package

Advantages: The initial cost of plug-in packaging is relatively low due to its simple design and installation method.

Comparison of through-hole and surface mount packages

Disadvantages: Due to its large size, it may not be suitable in compact vehicle environments. In addition, because it is directly exposed to the external environment, it is easily affected by vibration, dust, etc., resulting in unstable performance.

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Surface mount package

Advantages: Surface mount packages are small and lightweight, saving valuable circuit board space. In addition, due to its tight packaging, it can effectively resist the influence of external environment, such as vibration, dust, etc.

Disadvantages: Surface mount packages are more expensive to manufacture than through-hole packages.

Advantages of surface mount packaging in automotive computers

  1. Save space: In on-board computers, space is usually very limited. The use of surface mount packaged voltage regulator modules can effectively save circuit board space, leaving more space for layout of other electronic components.
  2. Improve reliability: Since the surface mount package can effectively resist the influence of the external environment, the reliability of the voltage regulator module can be significantly improved. This is critical for in-vehicle computers operating in harsh environments.
  3. Easy to integrate and repair: Surface mount packaging allows multiple voltage regulator modules and other electronic components to be easily integrated into one module, thus simplifying the circuit board layout and repair process.

Which brand of voltage regulator module is better to choose for on-board computers?

When choosing a voltage regulator module for an on-board computer, you need to consider multiple factors, including brand, performance, reliability, stability, etc. The following are some well-known voltage regulator module brands in the market for your reference:

Delixi Electric

Delixi Electric is a Sino-French joint venture that focuses on providing comprehensive solutions in the fields of low-voltage power distribution and industrial automation. Its voltage regulator module has been widely used in on-board computers with stable performance and high reliability.


Chint is a platform enterprise with new energy, energy distribution, big data, and energy value-added services as its core businesses. Its voltage regulator module also has high cost performance and stability in on-board computers.

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Hongbao is a large-scale enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service in the power supply field. Its voltage regulator module has high power density and stability in on-board computers.


Tianzheng is a well-known low-voltage electrical appliance brand under Tianzheng Group, specializing in the R&D, production and sales of medium and low-voltage smart appliances/intelligent meters/inverters and other electrical products. Its voltage regulator module also has high performance and reliability in on-board computers.
The above brands all provide high-quality voltage regulator module products, but you need to consider comprehensively based on your specific needs and budget when choosing. It is recommended that you carefully compare different product performance, price, after-sales service and other factors before purchasing to ensure that you choose the most suitable voltage regulator module for your application.

What are the car voltage regulator chip models?

There are many models of automotive voltage regulator chips. The following are some common models:


Linear regulator IC, 2.5V, 500MA, 6W, SON package.


Adjustable 500mALDO regulator with extremely low quiescent current, fast line and load transient performance, ultra-low dropout voltage of 130mV (500mA current), helping to improve system power efficiency, small 6-pin, 2mm × 2mm WSON package.

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Automotive buck converter, easy-to-use small package size, high efficiency and flexibility, output voltage 400mV ~ 5.5V, output current 2A, number of output terminals 1, input voltage 3V ~ 10V, switching frequency 1MHz or 2.5MHz, VQFN -9 packages.

TPS7A66-Q1 and TPS7A69-Q1

Low dropout linear regulator designed for operating circuits with input voltages up to 40V, with a quiescent current of only 12μA at no load, making it ideal for standby microprocessor control unit systems, especially in automotive applications where low power consumption is a key issue .

in conclusion

All things considered, surface mount packaged voltage regulator modules are more suitable for use in automotive computers. Its small size, light weight, and high reliability give it advantages in compact and harsh vehicle environments.

Voltage regulator module for in-vehicle computers

However, when selecting a packaging method, other factors need to be considered, such as cost, production capacity, etc., to ensure that the final packaging method selected is best suited for specific application requirements.